WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Orton Residence Hall Visual Description

Orton Residence Hall Visual Description

[0:00] Orton Hall exterior from nearby playfield. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life, Orton.

[0:03] Exterior of the front of Orton Hall and entrance. Text: College starts on campus.

[0:06] Narrator outside of Orton Hall.

[0:11] Two students sitting on a bed and a third student sitting in a chair in an Orton room. Text: RDA meal plan is optional.

[0:14] A student sits on a couch with a laptop in a floor lounge. A TV mounted to the wall is on.

[0:16] Two students in a weight room.

[0:19] Interview with Connor, Orton resident.

[0:21] Students study and talk at tables in an Orton lounge.

[0:26] A student plays the piano in the Orton sky lounge.

[0:29] A student sits at a desk in an Orton room with a TV, keyboard, and speaker set up in the background.

[0:33] Three students sit on a step in the theater lounge. Text: Annual program called Haunted Hall.

[0:37] Interview with Rhea, Orton Resident Advisor.

[0:42] A student sits on a bed studying, a second student sits at a desk, and a third student sits on a stability ball in an Orton room. Text: Single rooms.

[0:46] Interview with Osvaldo, Orton Resident Advisor.

[0:51] Campus map zooms in on Orton, located next to Rogers Hall and across the street from Southside Café.

[0:56] Exterior of Orton Hall. Text: Apply today, Visit for more information.