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Housing and Residential Life

Move In Information for Olympia Hall

Drive to your assigned hall and look for the parking staff and temporary parking signage directing you to an active unloading zone.

Proceed to the front desk and check in with your Cougar Card or photo ID. Sign up for a cart if you need one or look for move-in volunteers who will be clearly recognizable by the shirts they wear.

Please use the elevator for transportation of items up into the building and the stairs to return back down (unless using a cart). Also please be aware that the cart height is the same as the emergency button on the far bottom right panel in the elevator which when hit will require a police response.

Once your car is unloaded, it must be relocated to a parking lot to make room for others. Parking staff will be on site to assist you with directions on best parking lot options.

Extra recycling containers are brought in specifically for move-in. Please pay close attention to where you are disposing of garbage versus recycling. Break down all boxes so that the recycling bin can hold as much cardboard as possible throughout the day. Due to increase use and traffic, it can be hard to empty all recycling containers if boxes are not broken down.

For hanging items on your walls in Olympia Hall please use push pins. Do not use 3M mounting products, double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, masking tape, or duct tape.

Click here for a bed lofting instructional video. Please contact the custodial staff for extra bed pieces and ladder if needed.


Words of Wisdom from past students and parents

Rooms are smaller than you think. Spend some time looking at the photos and room dimensions and be realistic with what will fit.

Review what you can’t bring – the list is specific for each hall.