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Housing and Residential Life

Move In Information for Global Scholars Hall

Traffic can be challenging on the north side of campus during move-in so cars will be directed into queuing lines and will be released as active unloading zones become available for north halls. Portable toilets and water bottles are available while waiting. Wait times can range from a few minutes to 20 minutes.

Drive to the Green parking lot South of Beasley Coliseum and let the attendants know what hall you are moving into so you get in the correct car queue line. When instructed, drive to your assigned hall and look for the parking attendant and temporary parking signage directing you to an active unloading zone.

Students should enter through the hall's main entrance and check in with their CougarCard/photo ID at the front desk. If you require assistance or need a cart, please look for move-in volunteers who will be clearly recognizable by the shirts they wear. When volunteers are not working, carts are available in the lobby on a first come basis. Please only use carts for moving items and return them promptly so they are available for others.

As soon as you are done actively unloading, you must move your vehicle to the gray parking lot behind Beasley Coliseum to make room for others. Parking staff will be on site to assist you with directions.

Extra recycling containers are brought in specifically for move-in. Please pay attention to where you are disposing of garbage versus recycling. Global Scholars has a designated trash and recycling area located at the loading dock. You can access the loading dock by walking through The Courtyard and to the door labeled Trash Room. This space is shared with both Global Scholars Hall and The Market. There is a black bin for trash to be placed. Staff will routinely toss the trash from this bin into the large green trash compactor. Please breakdown any cardboard boxes and place them in the large green dumpster labeled for cardboard. There are also multiple bins for comingled and paper recycling located in this area.

For hanging items on your walls in Global Scholars Hall, please use push pins. Do not use 3M mounting products, double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, masking tape, or duct tape.


Words of Wisdom from past students and parents

Rooms are smaller than you think. Spend some time looking at the photos and room dimensions and be realistic with what will fit. 

Review what you can’t bring – the list is specific for each hall.