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Residence Hall Parking Information

Students living in residence halls who choose to bring a car to campus purchase Crimson, Gray, or Blue parking permits. Crimson and Gray permits are limited in quantity and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Students can purchase Crimson and Gray permits beginning August 1 at 10:00 AM directly through Transportation Services.

Gray or Crimson permits must be turned in to the Transportation office if you move out of the residence halls. Students living off campus are eligible for permits in the Green, Yellow, Red, or Blue zones, if available. Some zones, including Gray zones, have waiting lists. If you would like to be on a permit waiting list, contact Transportation Services.

Please visit Transportation Services web-site for more information about parking and transportation options.


Motorcycles, mopeds, and other gasoline-powered machines may not be taken into the residence halls at any time.  Any gas-powered vehicles found in a residence hall will be removed.  The owner (resident) will be assessed a removal charge. WSU Housing Services accepts no responsibility or liability for damage done during removal or storage.  Bicycles may be parked either in bicycle racks or in student rooms with consent of the roommate.  Bicycles parked in or near any other part of the residence hall may be removed without notice.

Apartment Parking Information

If you are an apartment resident parking permits are required for all vehicles parked overnight at all of our apartment complexes. They are available at no cost from Transportation Services. To receive a permit, you must provide a current vehicle registration indicating that the vehicle belongs to either you or your parents. 


Parking permits are required for all vehicles parked overnight at all of our complexes. They are available at no cost from Transportation ServicesTo receive a permit, you must provide a current vehicle registration indicating that the vehicle belongs to either you or your parents. The apartment permit does not replace the commuter permit required for on-campus parking and authorizes parking only in the lot or lots serving the complex where you live. Renewal permits must be obtained each year prior to the first day of classes in the fall semester. Mopeds, motorcycles and cars without appropriate permits parked in residential lots will be ticketed by Parking Services. 

Visitor parking permits for Family/Graduate apartment area lots are available from your Apartment Coordinator.

Visitor parking permits for Single Student apartment area lots are available online through WSU Transportation Services.


Phase 1

Residence Hall Priority Sale - July 15 - July 26, 2019

  • During this sale residents qualifying for the priority sale may purchase their Crimson permit.
  • Residents eligible for this sale will be contacted directly by email.
  • If you have questions regarding your priority points for the Residence Hall Priority Sale, please contact Residence Life, 509-335-1227.

Phase 2

Residence Hall Open Permit Sales - August 1, 2019

  • This phase is when residents ONLY can purchase their permit.
  • In this phase, eligible residents may purchase an available permit in the resident's zone (i.e. Hillside, Northside, and Southside)
    • Crimson
    • Gray
    • Blue
  • Simply go to and click "Live in the Residence Halls? Purchase Your Permit!"


Parking space normally exists near your apartment complex for one car; however, availability is not guaranteed. In some complexes space is available for a second car, small trailers, boats, and RV's in overflow parking areas.


All vehicles parked in University Housing are required to have a current Housing Services parking permit. All vehicles - including automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles, boats trailers, campers, and motor homes - parked on the premises must be operable and have valid current license plates. "Operable" means the vehicle must have air in the tires, have all major components intact, including windows and windshield. Vehicles may not be used to store items on a permanent basis, which are not allowed in University Apartments. Any violation of the foregoing will subject the vehicle to being towed at the expense of the vehicle owner or operator.

All vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, must be parked in designated parking areas only.  All vehicles are prohibited from lawns, walkways, stairwells, and balconies.  Vehicles parked in the non-parking areas will be ticketed.  The University reserves the right to impound (immobilize) any illegally-parked vehicle at the owner's expense.  The University assumes no responsibility in the event of damage resulting from the impounding or storage of any illegally parked vehicle.

No gasoline-powered vehicle or other combustible items can be parked or stored inside any University-operated apartment or storage area.  Vehicles found stored in such living areas will be impounded and stored at the owner's expense.

Other Parking

For additional information on campus parking, visit Washington State University's Transportation Services website.

Public Transportation

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