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Housing and Residential Life

Spring 2021 Housing

We still have rooms available for first year students who would like to live in WSU residence halls.  

Below you will find answers to common questions about Spring 2021 housing decisions, safety procedures, and accommodations. 

We will keep this webpage updated as decisions are made. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to email us at

General FAQ

Why are we doing this now?  

The first year is a critical time for students to establish academic, personal, and social habits that contribute to their success. The residential living experience provides easily accessible resources and support for those students who need them most. Based on public health data, infection rates within residence halls during the Fall 2020 semester demonstrated the effectiveness of required precautionary measures. With additional procedures and measures in place for the spring to reduce the spread of the disease, WSU is confident it can support the needs of first-year students and monitor and respond to the potential spread of COVID-19.

Will this decision change? 

It could. Although we have put a tremendous amount of effort into planning, documenting, and preparing for expanded residential capacity, we will abide by local, state, and federal public health guidelines.

How will you decide who gets to live in residence halls for Spring 2021? What is the institutional need criteria?

In the event we are unable to accommodate all requests, we will prioritize based on the following institutional need criteria: 

  • A student with a financial situation that requires living on campus (e.g., private scholarship with requirements to live on campus, eligible for need-based grants, receiving federal or state need-based aid) 
  • A student who is enrolled in a course or internship that requires face-to-face interaction local to WSU Pullman  
  • A student whose permanent address does not have adequate infrastructure to learn online (e.g., your home internet is unreliable; your home environment is not conducive to online learning; you have multiple family members consuming bandwidth at once) 
  • A first-generation college student who needs transition assistance 
  • A student who is participating in an institutional, state, or federal program emphasizing or requiring on-campus resources and support 
  • A student who has a food and/or housing situation that is not secure, is in jeopardy, or is unsafe 
  • A student who has in-person, on-campus employment that requires them to be at WSU Pullman 
  • A student who is a former foster youth 
  • A student who is a veteran or an ROTC cadet 
  • A student who has an ADA accommodation through the WSU Access Center 
  • A student who is international or requires extensive travel to return home safely 
  • A student who currently lives with a person at high risk for complications from COVID-19 should they contract it 
  • A student who has a circumstance that requires them to be physically present at WSU Pullman. For example, the need for access to resources that support academic success or mental health.
  • Residence Hall Contract FAQ

    I’m a current resident going home for Thanksgiving break and not returning until Spring semester. Can I get a refund in housing and dining for the time I am gone? 

    Thank you for making safe choices for yourself and the community! Our housing contracts are for the entire 2020-2021 academic year, and our facilities do not close. You will continue to have access to your room and some dining options during this time and we are unable to offer a refund. 

    What if I change my mind after confirming my Spring 2021 choice? 

    We hope you will spend time weighing this decision in advance so we can plan appropriately for the spring. Adjusting decisions after you have submitted your choice is a manual process and increases the chance of errors and delays in potential refunds or housing placements.  Please contact housing immediately if you need to change your decision. 

    When will payments be due, given the delayed start of the semester? 

    Your first residence hall and dining contract payment is due January 19. Payment due dates during the semester are February 11, March 11, and April 11. 

    If you deferred your housing contract from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021, your original security deposit and any initial payments you made will be applied to your Spring 2021 housing and dining account. 

    New contracts will require a security deposit and an initial payment that will be applied toward your Spring 2021 housing and dining account. 

    Financial aid recipients do not need to make the pre-payment when the contract is signed if financial aid is sufficient to cover the costs.  

    I’m going to stay at my permanent address – will I get my deposit back? 

    Yes. Please log into your housing account to cancel your contract by January 18, 2021, and any previously paid deposits will be refunded to you in early 2021. 

    When will the 2021-2022 academic year residence hall housing contract be available? 

    We anticipate more information regarding next academic year will be available early spring 2021. 

    When will I need to plan to move in? 

    Move-in details will be available on December 7, 2020. We expect that you will need to sign up for a January move-in date and time to maintain proper physical distancing between arriving students. 

    How can I fulfill my First-year Live-in Requirement (FLIR)?

    By living at your permanent residence or in a WSU residence hall.  

    Fraternity and sorority chapter facilities are not permitted to house first-time, first-year students in spring 2021. Living in these facilities does not fulfill your FLIR requirement, per WAC 504-24-030 (as revised under emergency rules). 

    How much will I be charged for my room?

    All rooms will be single occupancy. Check out the Rate Estimator .


  • Living on Campus FAQ

    Will I have a roommate? 

    No. All rooms will be single occupancy.

    Do I have to wear a mask in the residence halls? 

    Yes. The only time you can take off your mask in the residence halls is when you are alone in your room. 

    How many students are being allowed to live on campus? 

    WSU Housing and Residence Life plans to operate at less than half of our normal capacity, keeping the total number of on-campus residence hall students under 3,000. 

    Will I keep my hall preference? 

    No. We are unable to accommodate hall preferences for students moving in for the Spring 2021 semester. Placements will be based on health guidelines and capacity.  

    Students currently living in residence halls for the Fall 2020 semester will stay in their current room assignment.

    What halls are open? 

    All halls that were open for the Fall 2020 semester will remain operational for Spring 2021. We will open additional residence halls based on Spring 2021 occupancy. 

    What will there be to do on campus? 

    Residence Life staff are working within health guidelines to create opportunities to connect with fellow students. Recreation, entertainment, dining services, student organizations, and academic support services remain active. provides links to a variety of available services and programs. 

  • COVID-19 Testing FAQ

    Why do I need to take a COVID-19 test to live in the halls? 

    To help prevent widespread outbreaks, all students living in university-owned residence halls are required to undergo arrival testing as well as ongoing screening testing for COVID-19.  

    The frequency of ongoing screening testing will depend on virus prevalence and recommendations from public health and infectious disease experts; however, students should expect a minimum of two additional screening tests during the semester, in addition to any targeted testing of specific populations (e.g., students living in a specific residence hall) that may occur based on localized virus spread. 

    Arrival testing and ongoing screening testing are designed to help us reduce the risk of spread and provide support for students who may need to isolate or quarantine.  

    WSU’s Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing Plan will be released in early November 2020. 

    I currently live in the residence halls. Do I still have to take a COVID-19 test in January? 

    Yes. All students living in WSU residence halls for the Spring 2021 semester will need to take a COVID-19 arrival test, self-quarantine until you receive your results, and participate in ongoing screening testing.  

    If you are unable or unwilling to participate in arrival and ongoing screening testing during the Spring semester, you will need to terminate your housing contract by end of fall semester and live at your permanent address for the Spring semester.

    As a reminder, the First-Year Live-in Requirement (FLIR) can only be met by living in WSU residence halls or at your permanent residence. Fraternity and sorority chapter facilities are not permitted to house first-time, first-year students in spring 2021. Normal termination or cancellation fees may apply.  

    What if my test comes back positive? 

    If your arrival test has a positive result, you will be temporarily relocated to a special housing space on campus designated for isolation. You will be given additional information about this should the need arise. More information about isolation can be found on the isolation resources page, and we will provide services and programs to assist you during any required isolation period. 

    What happens to my personal information if I have a positive test result?

    If your COVID-19 test is positive, be assured that your medical and personal information is kept confidential. Individual medical information, names of close contacts, reason an individual is a close contact, and addresses collected during contact tracing is HIPPA protected and is not shared without your permission. Data that the University reports is in the aggregate and no personally identifiable information is shared.

  • Quarantine and Isolation FAQ

    What does it mean to self-quarantine? 

    Self-quarantine means staying home (in your residence hall room or apartment) to prevent potential spread of the virus. People asked to self-quarantine may or may not show symptoms, which means it is even more important to stay home and follow self-quarantine guidelines. 

    Read more information about what you can and cannot do on the self-quarantine resource page.


  • Deadlines and Important Dates

    • November 2: Spring 2021 WSU Housing announces expanded capacity
    • November 5: Living on Campus Spring 2021: WSU Pullman Student Town Hall, 5:30-6:30 PM PST at 
    • Early November: Details of the Comprehensive WSU COVID-19 Testing Plan released
    • November 15: Priority deadline to confirm Spring 2021 housing plans  
    • November 16: Housing will confirm your on-campus housing status  
    • December 1: Spring Alive information released 
    • December 3: Hall and room assignments released (for those who met the 11/15 priority deadline)
    • December 7: Move-in dates and procedures announced 
    • January: Move-in dates (to be determined)
    • January 12-14: Spring Alive session 
    • January 18: Last day to submit or change your WSU Housing decision for Spring 2021
    • January 19: Spring semester courses begin